This year PETMEI will be organised as a dedicated conference track at the 17th European Conference on Eye Movements (ECEM 2013) in Lund, Sweden. Selected authors (based on review score) will be invited to submit wholesale japanese tea sets extended versions of their accepted papers for inclusion in a PETMEI special issue in the Journal of Eye Movement Research. The special issue has been published and is available here. Vision and goals Despite considerable advances over the last decades, previous work on ambering rings eye tracking and eye-based human-computer interfaces mainly developed use of the eyes in traditional (“desktop”) settings that involved single user, single device and WIMP-style interactions. Latest developments in remote and head-mounted eye tracking equipment and automated eye movement analysis point the way toward unobtrusive eye-based human-computer interfaces that will become pervasively usable in everyday life. We call this new paradigm pervasive eye trackinglarge teapots continuous eye monitoring and analysis 24/7. The potential applications for the ability to track and analyse eye movements anywhere and at any time call for interdisciplinary research to further understand and develop visual behaviour for pervasive eye-based human-computer interaction in daily life settings. PETMEI 2013 will focus on pervasive eye tracking as a trailblazer for pervasive eye-based interaction and eye-based context-awareness. We provide a forum for researchers from human-computer interaction, context-aware computing, psychology, and eye tracking to discuss techniques and applications that go beyond classical eye tracking and stationary eye-based interactions. We want to stimulate and explore the creativity of these communities with respect to the implications, key research challenges, and new applications for pervasive eye tracking in ubiquitous computing. The long-term goal is to create a strong interdisciplinary research community linking these fields together and to establish the workshop as the premier forum for research on pervasive eye tracking.